photo by  Anna Wu

photo by Anna Wu


Maria is a calligrapher, designer, and maker. Apart from her love for art and design, she holds a doctoral degree in biochemistry and started wortpracht as a creative outlet parallel to her career in science.

Nature and the understated beauty of minimal designs are her main sources of inspiration. Her designs always seek to balance minimalism with her love for delicate textures and organic materials.

In addition to bespoke projects, Maria teaches calligraphy workshops through out the year.

In her free time, Maria loves traveling, visiting art shows and botanical gardens, drinking matcha tea and spending time with her loved ones.

Fun fact about Maria: She used to row for the German lightweight national team.




ABOUT our papers

Handmade papers are a wonderful material. They can be fragile and bold at the same time. We are obsessed with deckled edges, beautiful texture and subtle hues. 

If you prefer a cleaner look, we offer cotton stock papers from Gmund - one of the oldest German paper mills.